Wow!  You really *don't* have a life!

Mike Lowhorn

Welcome to my home on the Web.  Wipe your feet, come on in, and order a pizza.  Large.  Supreme.  With breadsticks.

If you can't stay, just e-mail me.  I'll accept any and all Domino's coupons.

Oh, and if I had a digital camera, I'd have a more recent photo here.  Wait...I do have a digital camera.  Want to help me win the lottery so I can have plenty of free time to use it?

Mike at 8.  Really.


Individual work:  Creating music is an interest of mine; here's where you can listen to a sample entitled GhostShip * (4.39MB download).

Collaborations with Darren McKinty:

Snapshot * (3.24MB download) - co-written with Darren

Lament * (6.74MB download) - written by Darren; featuring me on bass & Katie Falzon on oboe

(You can check out more of Darren McKinty's music at

* GhostShip copyright 2002 by Mike Lowhorn.  Snapshot copyright 2005 by Darren McKinty & Mike Lowhorn.  Lament copyright 2006 by Darren McKinty.  Songs may not be broadcast, copied to other media, or used for any other other web site or server without the express written permission of the copyright holder(s).


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