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Moo: A Study of Cow

Begun as an experiment to familiarize myself more completely with my cameras and Photoshop, these photos of an old cow squeezie took on a life of their own.  All images are copyright 2006-2008 by Patricia Lowhorn and may not be copied, distributed, or utilized for other than personal use without permission and proper credit.

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Ready...aim...moo! Life is short.  Take risks. Current efficiency too tiny? Welcome to Moodison Ridge! Moo-whee! Moo-whew! I will find moo. Choose your friends wisely. Destination: Moo! Oh, to return to the moos of yesteryear. Cow power Moo-d Indigo Is that a cow in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? The journey isn't always as difficult as we think. Brother, can you spare a moo? Mooving on. You've got moo! Donate today. The circle of life is amoosing. To be surrounded by food is a glorious thing. Cows rule. Autumn chill?  Bring it on! Home sweet moo If the river's too wide to cross on your own, get someone to drive you Always stand your ground...but bring along backup, just in case. Moo-ry Christmas to all... ...and to all a good moo. The hills are alive...with the sound of moo-sic. Gulf of Moo-xico There are those who splash in the water, and those who simply enjoy the moo. Sometimes you just have to stop and pay the toll.

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