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Cow Goes To Washington

In the 2012 election year, Cow decided to visit the Nation's Capital.  Follow her adventures here.
  All images are copyright 2012 by Patricia Lowhorn and may not be used for other than personal use without permission.

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NEW PHOTOS (Posted October 29, 2012)

The original Cow is getting worn out.  Time to check the binder full of cows for a replacement.  Cowdidate #4 (on the paper) looks promising. New Cow's first assignment: Check out the Smithsonian museums. The Sackler Gallery features Asian art.  Hmm... some Asian religions revere cows.... Cow fits right in.  (Sackler Gallery) Folk art. (Smithsonian's Museum of American Art) Find the hidden Cow.  (Smithsonian's Musueum of American Art) Cow controls the electoral college.  (Smithsonian's Museum of American Art)  Cow demonstrates her ability to spot bull.  Warp cow!  (National Gallery of Art)


I'm Occupying D.C., but I need to get out of the camp site for a while. Think I'll sightsee.  Where will I begin? Whew!  I didn't realize there'd be so much walking!  I need a better mode of transportation. Yeah, that's it.  Hitch a ride on the subway.  (National Museum of American History) What do you mean, this is the Chicago L?  Conductor!  Stop, please!  (National Museum of American History) I thought I heard a real train around here somewhere...  (National Museum of American History) You want HOW much for that car?  (National Museum of American History) It takes a lot of work to find suitable transportation around here.  Time to recharge.  (National Museum of American History) Now that I'm full, maybe I'll just relax with the troops for a while.  (National Museum of American History) Oops - I took too long of a break.  I missed the boat.  (National Museum of American History) Oh, heck.  I'll just fly to the monuments.  (National Museum of American History) Today I'll try the National Museum of Natural History. They keep small rubbery animals in jars here?  Uh, maybe I'd better move along... No, I don't think this is safe, either. Ever get the feeling you're being watched? "Please touch" my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great to the 3121st power-grandparent's bones? I don't think so! Help!  Someone has beef on the brain! Some day, scientists may be working on me here. *Shudder* This museum is scary.  I'd better stick close to my friends. Shipping out. (Navy Memorial) The Metro.  Ten times less complicated than NYC.  Also ten times less efficient. Going out on a limb. in the stalls.  (Newseum) Shoot, J. Edgar, shoot!  (Newseum) How shall we act up today? (Berlin Wall fragment at the Newseum) Keeping watch.  (East Berlin guard tower at the Newseum) Time to sell-ebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival.  (Newseum gift shop) I might not get out, but I'll be calm.  (Newseum gift shop) What's that?  You want me to join you for dinner?  (National Aquarium, D.C. branch)I can't see the players, so just throw me the ball.  (Washington Redskins Training Camp) The First Ladies' dresses? Meh. Judy Garland's ruby slippers? Ho-hum. The Star Spangled Banner? Who cares? This is a MILK POT!  (National Museum of American History) It's been nearly 100 years since the last cow grazed on the White House lawn.  Hmm... Christopher Columbus brought the first cattle to the New World.  (Union Station) The Titanic, on the other hand, had no cows aboard.  (National Postal Museum) Transporting the mail is more challenging than it looks. Ready to be delivered. (National Postal Museum) On the cattle train.  (National Postal Museum) Then again, flying might be faster. Let's check out some arts & crafts.  (Renwick Gallery) Someone needs to see a stylist.  (Renwick Gallery) It may technically be the year of the Dragon, but for some of us, it's always the year of the Cow.  (Hirshhorn Museum) I'm not sure what it is, but I'll contemplate it, anyway.  (Hirshhorn Museum) Pastoral paintings.  Now that's more like it.  (Corcoran Gallery of Art) milk?  (Corcoran Gallery of Art) Just another work of art.  (Renwick Gallery) Okay, that's enough culture for one day.  Time to rest.  (Renwick Gallery)

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