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Scenes from Shenandoah National Park

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Dickey Ridge & Fox Hollow Trailhead (Canon EOS Rebel Xsi) Ready to walk the Fox Hollow Trail (Canon EOS Rebel Xsi) Deer mouse on the trail (Canon EOS Rebel Xsi) Greenstone (volcanic) rockpile left by settlers as they cleared the land in the 19th & 20th centuries (Canon PowerShot SX10 IS) Cross in Fox cemetery (Canon PowerShot SX10 IS) Gravestone of "Gertrue" Fox (Canon EOS Rebel Xsi) Gravestone of Lemuel Fox (Canon EOS Rebel Xsi) Seal salamander (Canon EOS Rebel Xsi) Black swallowtail (Canon PowerShot SX10 IS) Black swallowtail (Canon EOS Rebel Xsi) Crash landing (Canon EOS Rebel Xsi) Eastern tiger swallowtail (Canon PowerShot SX10 IS) Eastern tiger swallowtail and friends (Canon PowerShot SX10 IS) Dickey Ridge Visitor's Center (Canon PowerShot SX10 IS) View behind Dickey Ridge Visitor's Center (Canon PowerShot SX10 IS) Even cloudy days offer photo opportunities (Canon PowerShot SX10 IS) Shenandoah Valley (Canon EOS Rebel Xsi) Shenandoah Valley (Canon EOS Rebel Xsi) View from one of 75 overlooks in the park.  (Canon PowerShot SX10 IS) Rock outcropping (Canon EOS Rebel Xsi) Skyline Drive meanders through the park (Canon EOS Rebel Xsi) Looking east (Canon EOS Rebel Xsi)

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