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American Idol Season 6 (2007)


February 28 (Semi-Finals: Women) - Does she have more than enough to make you drop to your knees?


Maybe.  Maybe not.

Ryan starts us off with some boring conversation with the judges.  And then we move on to:

Gina Glocksen (sings Heart's "Alone"): She's dedicating the song to her boyfriend Joe, who dyed his hair to match hers.  Gag.  I'll admit she's got balls singing the song that made Carrie jump to the top of the pack in Season 4.  Too bad she has to shout the chorus.  Ann Wilson she's not.  Actually, Carrie Underwood she's not, either.  Randy thinks it's a good song choice, though, even though it started rough.  Paula points out that Carrie sang it, but she believes that Gina did an excellent job.  Simon thinks her voice was forced at the end and isn't sure who she is - he wants her to be edgier.  And yeah, if you're going to show off your weird hair color and tattoos, then go for it.

Ryan is having a major "I must prove to the world that I'm not gay" moment in the Red Room as he lusts over LaKisha's legs.  Eeeeuw.

Alaina Alexander (sings the Dixie Chicks' "Not Ready to Make Nice"): She dedicates this to her Mom, who worked four jobs to support her children.  Ummm...I'm not sure I buy this song coming from her - I seriously doubt she's ever had nasty letters sent to her about things she's said - and it doesn't help that she has problems finding the notes.  Randy isn't impressed with her pitch issues.  Paula tries to make excuses for her, although she points out the pitch problems, too.  Simon thinks the performance was like Randy running in a 100-meter race - running out of steam three quarters of the way through. Ouch.

LaKisha Jones (sings Gladys Knight's "Midnight Train to Georgia"): This is dedicated to her grandmother, who is in "L-U-V" with Ryan.  Poor woman.  LaKisha's song isn't quite as powerful as last week, when she blew everyone away, but this girl is still good.  Randy says it was hot.  Paula loves her, blah, blah, blah.  Simon thinks her dance at the end was "interesting" and tells her to be more confident.  He also thinks that her orange sweater is distracting.  Ryan, of course, has to point out that her sweater is salmon, thereby losing whatever points he gained in the Red Room.

Melinda Doolittle (sings jazz standard "My Funny Valentine"): She dedicates this song to two of her closest friends - her vocal coach and a stylist.  Okay, that's unique.  Then she starts singing and I think, "What is this, Season 4 night?"  However, I really can't compare her to Constantine (SQUEEEEEEE!), because she's not smoldering (or smarming, depending on one's opinion of Constantine).  She is, however, even better than last week, and I'm even more captivated by her than by LaKisha tonight.  Randy says she came out tonight to win the contest--her and LaKisha.  Paula thinks it was astounding.  Simon calls the performance "the best vocal through the competition" so far, and claims that her humility is like a breath of fresh air.  Indeed.

Okay, I'm starting to enjoy myself now, although I'm a little frustrated.  I mean, it's bad when all I can do with these performances is snark on previous years' contestants.  And then we have:

Antonella Barba (sings Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me"): She dedicates the song to her brother (not the ex-boyfriend who posted racy photos of her on the Internet, heh).  Why, oh why, does this girl want to pick these huge songs that she has no business singing?  It's marginally better than last week, but, um...that's not saying much.  I mean, now it's boring rather than atrocious.  Randy says the song was too big for her.  Paula says she's leaps and bounds over last week.  Simon thinks she's worse.  Antonella says he was wrong about Jennifer Hudson, and I want to say, "Yeah, but only because Jennifer could actually sing."

Jordin Sparks (sings Christina Aguilera's "My Reflection"): The song is dedicated to her younger brother P.J., who giggles with her a lot and makes her cry.  She struggles a bit with the lower parts of this song, which is a little puzzling to me at first.  It's a good effort, but I miss the fun she had last week.  And then she starts crying, and everyone starts crying, and we are meant to deduce that she was having problems because she was so emotional.  Randy mentions the pitch problems but thinks she's great for being only 17.  Paula praises her for being "a good, good human being."  Simon says it wasn't her best, but she has massive potential.  I guess the advice they should give the contestants is, "If it's not your best, start crying, and everyone will like you."

Minor rant: You know, I understand that it's hard for the singers to hear themselves if the music around them is really loud and they're not allowed to have ear monitors.  But since some contestants are able to sing perfectly well under those conditions, I wish the others wouldn't bring it up.  It just sounds like a lame excuse after a while, even when it's true.

Kellie Pickler will be the special guest tomorrow night.  Tepid applause follows this announcement.  Gee, I wonder why?

Stephanie Edwards (sings Beyonce's "Dangerously in Love"): This is dedicated to her parents, who pushed her to audition for Idol.  I'd say this was child abuse, but she's over 18.  As for the song...uh...where's the rhythm in it?  Does the original really sound this disjointed?  And her breathing is so shallow that she can't sustain the big notes until the one at the end.  She looks great in that evening gown, though.  I'd like one like it.  In green.  Randy says she was better than last week, but it was too much like "Beyonce Lite" for him.  Paula thinks she was fantastic...and, remarkably, Simon does, too.  Um, okay.

Oo, the Virginia Lottery is having a scratch ticket with a grand prize of a trip to the Idol finale and the party afterwards.  Let me run out to the local gas station and snap up a hundred of those tickets right now!

Leslie Hunt (sings Nina Simone's version of "Feeling Good"): She dedicates this to her late grandfather.  Okay, are the contestants told what each other sing?  Because I would think you wouldn't do one that was just performed the previous night, especially when it's rather blah in comparison.  Randy isn't impressed.  Paula loves that she's being herself.  Simon compares Leslie to Paula talking and then says that she's not very memorable.  [*giggles*]

Haley Scarnato (sings Whitney Houston's "Queen of the Night"): She dedicates this to her fiancé, who apparently is happy to be separated from her during this process.  She gives the song her best shot, and I'm guessing this is just about the only Whitney song that hasn't been sung to death on this show, but everything is belted at the same level throughout, and I keep thinking that Melinda or LaKisha would sing it better.  Randy notes that everyone enjoyed it, but it wasn't great for him.  Paula says she's much better this week.  Simon gives her an "A" for effort but says she's vulnerable tonight.  So then she starts crying.  How many votes will that get her, I wonder?

Sabrina Sloan (sings Whitney Houston's "All the Man That I Need"): She dedicates this to her "Grammy," who is in and out of the hospital.  Please, don't cry.  Don't cry.  Okay, another Whitney song. [*sigh*]  And it's okay - better than Haley's song, with more dynamic variety - although she comes dangerously close to shouting the big notes.  I expect to hear a "Whitney Lite" comment from Randy, but he says it was nice.  Paula loves her and says she's a big contender.  Simon tells her not to confuse power with shouting but assures her that she'll be back next week.

Overall, I'm still more impressed with the girls than the guys, although I shudder to think about the inevitable point when Melinda and LaKisha will split the "diva" vote somewhere around the top 6 or later.  My rankings for the night:

1. Melinda Doolittle - The most polished, professional person up there tonight.
2. LaKisha Jones - She's got the voice; she just needs a bit more confidence.
3. Stephanie Edwards, Sabrina Sloan, Jordin Sparks - Each one had good and bad points, and I can't separate them enough to make this anything other than a tie.
6. Haley Scarnato - She really tried, and she at least stayed on pitch.
7. Gina Glocksen - Just because I want to hear her live up to her tattoos next week.
8. Alaina Alexander, Antonella Barba, Leslie Hunt - Any of these can go, and I wouldn't care.

Eliminated on March 1 Results Show:  Alaina Alexander and Leslie Hunt


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