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American Idol Season 6 (2007)


May 8 -  This is where I dozed off (Barry Gibb songs)


Ryan informs us that there are only three weeks left. Yay. Tonight's mentor is Barry Gibb, who has penned and produced far more than just a few catchy disco tunes.  But don't expect anyone at Idol to let us know that.

Barry has worked with a lot of women in the past, so he likes working with this group - including Blake.  Heh.  Mostly, though, he doesn't have a lot to say about these contestants, other than, "It's weird to hear a woman sing this song." [*rolls eyes*]

Melinda Doolittle (sings "Love You Inside and Out"): Melinda wants to make this a solo song.  So she gives it a soul flair and struts around the stage a little.  It's professionally performed, and it's just as professionally...boring.  Seriously, nothing really stands out about it.  Oh, dear.  Randy wasn't jumping up and down, but he thought it was good.  Paula says it's hard to critique Melinda because her vocals are "spot on," but she's waiting for her to wow them.  Simon thinks it was more of a backing vocalist performance.  Yeah, I'd agree with that.  It's not the best song for her to show off with.  Next.

Blake Lewis (sings "You Should Be Dancing"): Blake decides to show off his beatboxing and falsetto abilities with this song.  Too bad his dancing ability isn't up to par.  And, unlike last week, the beatboxing is overkill.  I guess this would work very well on a dance floor, though, where people care more about keeping a beat than about singing.  But here on Idol, this week?  Not so much.  Randy didn't like it and thought he was in a discotheque in a foreign country.  Paula says Blake's pitch was off, but he showed why he was unique.  Simon thought it was absolutely terrible, while admitting it's a matter of personal taste.

LaKisha Jones (sings "Stayin' Alive"): Barry has to sing the melody for her, but he likes her slower version.  She comes out like gangbusters, and then goes back down to a lower register for the chorus, and then up again, and...well, I don't know.  The tune is all over the place.  Randy says it was weird for him, and he didn't like the way she changed it up.  Paula didn't like the slower tempo.  Simon says she doesn't get a kiss tonight because the performance verged on scary.

Jordin Sparks (sings "To Love Somebody"): Barry, who is clearly a Jordin fan, says he hasn't heard a better version of this song than the one she sings.  Um, I have - it's called Clay Aiken's version, back during Season 2's Bee Gees week.  But Jordin is fine - she limits the oversinging, and she doesn't get too shrieky or change the melody much - so she's arguably the best of the evening until now.  Too bad that's not saying much.  The judges unanimously agree that she's the best so far.  Jordin can't breathe.  And I am So.  Bored.

Round 1 ranking: Jordin, Melinda, LaKisha, Blake

Melinda Doolittle (sings "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart"): Melinda leaves out the line about being a loser.  Smart girl.  This version has more emotion than her first song, and she finally pulls out some punches on the second half to show off her vocal range.  I wake up a little.  Thank you.  Randy says she's still their resident pro.  Paula says she's a throwback to Stephanie Mills, but she still wants to be surprised and have a wow moment.  Simon dismisses Paula and says the second half of that song put Melinda into the semi-finals.

Blake Lewis (sings "This Is Where I Came In"): He wanted to pick something that people weren't as familiar with, so he picks a song that was DOA when it was first released.  And I'm sorry to say that it's still a dud - at least, the way Blake performs it.  I really can't pick up much of a tune, his pitch goes off here and there, and I want him to just sing the song and stop with the beatboxing already.  Randy thinks it was better than Blake's last song but tells him he doesn't have to beatbox on everything.  Paula, desperate for a man to remain in the running, calls him the contemporary rebel in this competition and basically says she likes him.  Simon has no idea why Blake chose the song and says it was terrible.  Yep.  I'm back to being bored.

LaKisha Jones (sings "Run To Me"): She sings this song because she thinks it's a beautiful ballad.  Barry thinks it will be a challenge, but she'll rise to it.  And, yeah, she sounds very pretty on it, even though she sort of loses her voice at the end.  But could she have picked a duller song?  I mean, I'm just not into this at all.  Zzzzzzzzzz.  Randy says it was much better than her first performance.  Paula says she's still a champ.  Simon says it was better than the first song but not great, and she and Blake are in danger tonight.

Jordin Sparks (sings "A Woman In Love"): Barry really likes her and says she's going to be one of our greatest female recording artists.  Maybe one day she will be, and maybe she was spectacular during her rehearsal with Barry, but right now she kind  Really, I'm not impressed, especially when she pushes her voice and hits a couple of agonizingly long bum notes.  Eek.  Randy points out the pitchiness and then can do nothing else but give props to Barry Gibb's songwriting ability.  Paula loves Jordin anyway.  Simon thought it was old-fashioned and "pageanty," from the arrangement to her dress.

Round 2 ranking: Melinda, LaKisha, Jordin/Blake

Overall ranking?  I don't know.  My eyelids are getting too heavy.  Let's see... Clay, Ruben, Kimberly, Josh... oh, wait, that was Season 2's Bee Gees night, which was a lot more memorable.  Everyone tonight bored me to various degrees.  I can't even snark on them, I'm so disinterested.  I guess I'll go with:

1. Melinda - She got all the notes right, and she had the most polished performances overall.
2. Jordin - The second song stank, but the first one was probably the best of the evening.
3. LaKisha - Duller than dishwater song choices, but she can sing.
4. Blake - He managed to be boring and annoying at the same time. Neat trick!

Eliminated on May 9 Results Show:  LaKisha Jones


Review 2007 by Patricia Lowhorn.  For comments, e-mail


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