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American Idol Season 7 (2008)


March 5 - (Semi-Finals: Women) Who wants to sleep forever?

It's 80s Karaoke Night again.  Time for the girls to wear mullets and pastels and...d'oh!  Darn that Danny Noriega!

Asia'h Epperson (sings Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"): I was prepared for a train wreck, but she acquits herself decently on this one.  The song suits her voice, and she actually moves, which is more than I can say for, oh, last night's opening singer.  Randy of course has to point out that he recorded that song with Whitney before he can declare the performance "hawt."  Paula says Asia'h nailed it.  Simon isn't quite as enthusiastic and calls it second-rate Whitney, which Asia'h says she'll gladly accept.

Kady Malloy (sings Queen's "Who Wants to Live Forever"): When she opened her mouth, I thought, "What song is she singing?"  This is not supposed to be a dreary country song.  Don't go for those notes unless you can hit them, darling, and don't change the tune that much.  Ugh.  Randy calls it an interesting song choice and somehow thinks she hit the big notes well.  Paula thinks it's her best performance, which really isn't saying much.  Simon calls it better than last week but says he's having issues with her massive lack of personality when she sings.  Ouch.

Amanda Overmyer (sings Joan Jett's "I Hate Myself for Loving You"): This is actually the best she's done on this show - it's a perfect fit for her voice - but she seems distracted in her performance, like she expects to be crucified for it again.  Or maybe she just realizes that she's sold her soul by appearing on this show.  In any case, the judges have nothing but praise for her.  Randy says that this is the Amanda they loved in the auditions.  Paula calls her face and hair beautiful, and then agrees with Randy.  Simon says the performance is fantastic and later declares it the best one of the night.  And then they have to tell Amanda that she can smile now, because she looks seriously defeated - like "aw, crap, now I have to spend another week here."

Carly Smithson (sings Cyndi Lauper's "I Drove All Night"): Oh, I don't know.  The vocals are fine, but she does nothing for me.  Nothing.  It's so nothing that I have nothing more to say.  Randy calls it another great performance.  Paula says that Carly's like a dependable dog and that she's totally into her niche.  Simon once again doesn't think she chose the correct song and says she's a million times better than that selection.

Kristy Lee Cook (sings Journey's "Faithfully"): I think she's going to dislocate her head with all the twitching at first, and her tongue is really red - throat lozenge, perhaps?  (Ah, yes, she tells us later that she was sick.)  I think the country arrangement to this song isn't too bad...well, until she sort of shouts the ending.  Kind of an ugly moment there.  But Randy - who we hear for the zillionth time in seven seasons once worked with Journey - calls it cool and likes the country twist.  Paula says it could be a hit in country music and has nothing but "positivity" for Kristy.  Simon likes the country flavor, too, but he still believes she's forgettable and will probably make it to 10th place when all is said and done.  She says she's okay with that.  Gee, I'm glad you really want to win this thing.  Pppphhht.

Ramiele Malubay (sings Phil Collins' "Against All Odds"): I like the tone of her voice, even if she's a bit breathless from running down the stairs to get to her spot, but why is everyone picking such boring songs tonight?  Really, there were better songs in the 80s than this.  Sheesh.  Randy wants her to find her confidence because she has "mad vocals."  Paula says she has a lot of texture to her voice and then just babbles about mutts until she gets around to saying that Ramiele deserves to be in the top 12.  Simon feels it was a very old-fashioned performance.  He's not liking too many people tonight, is he?  And of course Ryan must point out that Danny is wearing Ramiele's glasses.  Why am I not surprised?  After all, their faces are practically interchangeable.

Brooke White (sings Pat Benatar's "Love Is a Battlefield"): An acoustic version of this?  Hey, it works for Brooke's voice, and she sounds great.  But singing the whole thing sitting down?  Not getting up and shaking anything?  Not building to any sort of crescendo?  It left me scratching my head a little.  Randy thinks it was interesting.  Paula calls it a wise choice but wanted the band to be incorporated more (as in, start acoustic and then bring in the band).  I actually agree with this, which scares me.  Simon says that Brooke did an original take on it and calls it a great performance.  Brooke squeezes her hair in glee.  Quick - put her in a Pantene commercial.

Syesha Mercado (sings Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love For You"): Ummm...this was in the pimp slot this week?  I'm thinking that if Asia'h was second-rate Whitney, this is third- or fourth-rate.  It's too understated, too blah, and she really can't hit those high notes.  I expect her to get skewered by the judges, but we're running out of time.  All Randy can say is, "good."  Paula says, "Sophisticated, lovely."  Simon says, "Good."  And that's it, folks.  Really.

This wasn't nearly as interesting as last night's show, mostly because of the boring, predictable song selections.  My top two would be Brooke and Amanda, and they didn't blow me out of the park.  For my bottom two, I'd choose Kady or Kristy.  Pick one.  It's bedtime, and I just don't care anymore.  Zzzzzzzz.

Eliminated on March 6 Results Show (in order announced):  Kady Malloy and Asia'h Epperson

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