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American Idol Season 7 (2008)


May 13 - You really bore me, boo (The judge's choice, the contestant's choice, the producers' choice)


So here we are.  The last three standing.  As in the top 3 episodes of previous seasons, they're singing a song picked by each of the judges, a song they chose, and a song the producers chose for them.  I'm so excited, I could just snore.

David Archuleta (sings Paula's choice, Billy Joel's "And So It Goes"): Oh, it's a pretty arrangement, all right, and David's voice sounds very nice on it...but for this 17-year-old to sing a weary song about a relationship that's ending just seems a bit creepy to me.  I know the song choice isn't his fault (thanks, Paula), but get back to me with this in, oh, twenty years.  Randy, however, says that Paula chose a dope song for David and thinks he's in the zone (can we retire that phrase now, please?).  Paula calls it a pure and sunny performance.  Simon says that David was very good albeit a bit predictable.

Syesha Mercado (sings Randy's choice, Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You" ): Golly, what a great karaoke performance.  Just makes me want to forget all about Syesha and think about Alicia.  Too bad she had to smile through the whole thing, too.  Does she even know what she's singing about?  Randy says she did an amazing job and she's peaking at the right time.  Paula says she looks stunning.  Simon wishes that Randy had chosen something that Syesha hadn't had to copy the original artist so much on, although he thinks she performed well and looks outstanding.

David Cook (sings Simon's choice, Roberta Flack's "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"): Simon has the most un-obvious choice of the night.  David's pitch gets a little weird on a couple of notes, but he does manage to give the song his usual Cook-twist and turn it into an interesting rock ballad by the end.  The last note actually gives me a bit of a chill.  Randy wishes that Simon had chosen something with more rock in it.  Paula says that David is now her second favorite person to sing this song.  Simon believes it was one of his best performances to date, and he gives the first round to "Cook and Cowell."  Oh, ha, ha.

Round 1 Rankings:
1. David Cook - He gave the song an unusual twist which made it the most memorable of the pack. (3 points)
2. David Archuleta - I liked the arrangement and his voice, but I had to close my eyes to keep from being creeped out. (2 points)
3. Syesha - Good vocals, but it was so copycat as to be forgettable. (1 point)

David Archuleta (sings his personal choice, Chris Brown's "With You"): I'll give the boy props for choosing a wildly popular, current song.  I started laughing, though, when he sang, "I need you, boo."  Yes, that's the correct lyric, but come on.  Little David singing about his boo?  Boy can't dance, either, and he struggles a bit with the words.  Go back to Disney-esque ballads, please.  Randy applauds him trying something new and young but doesn't think it's the right song.  Paula thinks it fits in the right tone of his voice and says he did a great job.  Simon also applauds David's attempt to sing something youthful, but he thinks it was like a Chihuahua trying to be a tiger and not really David.  Yep.

Syesha Mercado (sings her personal choice, Peggy Lee's "Fever"): Okay, that was hot.  She slinks, she flirts with the bassist, and she sings the song very well - far better than David Archuleta did with his performance.  Unfortunately, she didn't choose a very contemporary song, which is likely to hurt her in the voting department.  And, um, please don't spread your legs like that in that very short dress, mmkay?  Randy is confused at her song choice, but he says it's once again a great performance.  Paula is also surprised at the choice because she doesn't think it shows who Syesha is as an artist.  Simon believes that she'll regret the decision because she didn't show that she was contemporary enough.  Buh-bye, Syesha.

David Cook (sings his personal choice, Switchfoot's "Dare You To Move"): When I'd read he was doing this, I was looking forward to it, as this is one of my favorite songs.  But it's a tune that builds over time, and squeezing it into a minute and a half just doesn't work.  And where the heck is David's pitch tonight?  His performance is just one big, shrieky mess.  Eeuw.  David, what's your problem?  Randy calls it a great song choice but pitchy.  Paula felt like it was truncated too much.  Simon isn't particularly thrilled with the song because it wasn't very melodic.  Maybe that's because David couldn't find the melody amidst all the pitch issues.  Again...eeuw.

Round 2 Rankings:
1. Syesha - A sassy, sexy performance, although I wish she could have done this with a more contemporary song. (3 points)
2. David Archuleta - This song didn't suit him at all, but at least he was on pitch. (2 points)
3. David Cook - Oh, my ears. (1 point)

David Archuleta (sings the producers' choice, Dan Fogelberg's "Longer"): The producers choose possibly the most predictable, lame song for David.  Vocally, he's fine, but I'm asleep ten seconds into it.  Well, at least until that horrible key change.  Shoot the arranger, please.  Randy says it was another hawt one.  Paula calls it a lovely performance.  Simon thinks he sang the song well, but he thought the song choice was too gooey.  He does, however, believe that David did enough to get to the final round.

Syesha Mercado (sings the producers' choice, Gia Farrell's "Hit Me Up"): This is from the Happy Feet soundtrack.  Ummm...okay.  Her voice sounds okay, but she just seems like she's perpetually behind the beat on this, and she doesn't look like she's enjoying it that much.  Maybe it would have been better with dancing penguins behind her.  Randy says it was just okay for him.  Paula doesn't know if it's going to be good enough to get her into the finals.  Simon calls it better than the second song, but it didn't give her a defining moment.  As if she had a choice to sing this song.  Ppphht.

David Cook (sings the producers' choice, Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing"): This is not exactly my favorite Aerosmith song - man, I hate those violins in the beginning - and once again it's too short to do it justice.  But David's pitch is at least better on this one, and he looks more into it than he has on any other song tonight.  Randy says it was just okay and predictable.  Paula says she'll see him in the finals.  Simon believes that David Cook has won the night.

Round 1 Rankings:
1. David Cook - Not his best performance, but he had the most passion of the performers in this round. (3 points)
2. David Archuleta - The song choice wasn't his fault. He was his usual, schmaltzy self. (2 points)
3. Syesha - She just wasn't into this at all, and I would think with her acting background, she'd at least try to pretend she was enjoying herself. (1 point)

I'm not really enamored of any of them tonight, so ranking them was tough for me, and I had to resort to giving them the point values for each round as indicated above.  This led to the following final ranking:

1. David Cook - (7 points) Vocally, he's not the best person there, but he comes across as having more genuine passion than the others.  He also pulled off the most interesting arrangement with the Roberta Flack song.
2. David Archuleta - (6 points) I'm not wowed by him, but he was the most consistent of the three.
3. Syesha - (5 points) She'd be better in theater, because she clearly doesn't want to do anything contemporary.

One more week to go.  I hope I can stay awake for it.  Zzzzzzz.... Oops.  Guess not.

Eliminated on May 14 Results Show: 


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