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American Idol Season 8 (2009)


April 28 -  I'm feeling good (Rat Pack songs)


It's songs from the Rat Pack era tonight, and Jamie Foxx is the mentor.  He has nothing to do with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr., except they all sang, they all appeared in movies, and - in a coincidence the show somehow manages to overlook - Jamie has a movie out now.  Wow, what a great way to pick a mentor!

The contestants are all decked out in suits and a cocktail dress.  That would be Allison wearing the cocktail dress, not Adam.  Drat.

Kris Allen (sings "The Way You Look Tonight"): Jamie says that Kris is his number one and the dude he'd do a record with.  Gee, great critique, dude.  Kris is very sweet, and the song suits him well, although that falsetto bit in the middle was weak.  Overall, though, it was pretty good.  I wouldn't mind hearing that while having a romantic dinner with my hubby.  Randy calls it Kris' best performance to date. Kara says he's set the technical standard incredibly high for the evening and calls him a dark horse in the competition.  Paula says he's changed from the boy next door into a sophisticated gentleman.  Simon calls the performance "wet" (which he helpfully clarifies as "not dry") and not incredible.  Woah, Simon's hitting Paula's drugs now?  This ought to be a fun evening.

Allison Iraheta (sings "Someone To Watch Over Me"): Allison turned 17 yesterday, and they've dressed her like an adult now.  Jamie says she's leaps and bounds ahead of her age and tells her to think of her family while she's singing.  And, oh, my goodness - this is her best of the season for me.  Absolutely superb.  Terrific phrasing, and her breathy voice still has an innocence about it that should totally erase her inappropriate-for-her-age performance of "Hot Stuff" last week.  Randy says she sings like Pink with, like, 9,000 more octaves.  Kara isn't at all nervous about her being in the bottom three this week, because that performance should land her in the finals.  Which means she'll probably be in the bottom tomorrow.  Paula says that Allison's innocent sensibility was alluring and tender.  After asking Allison if she thinks she can win (she diplomatically responds that everyone has a chance to win), Simon says that it was a great performance, but he has a horrible feeling she could be in trouble because he didn't feel a commitment to win from her.  Kara calls him crazy.  I don't think he's crazy, but I do think she could be in trouble simply because she doesn't have the fan base of the guys.  If she goes, it won't be from that performance.

Matt Giraud (sings "My Funny Valentine"): Matt studied jazz in university, where he got a B.  Jamie had no suggestions at first, but then tells him to change the key and sing in his full voice.  I don't know if Matt did that, but he hits a couple of bum notes and looks nervous most of the time.  It's okay, but not spectacular.  I see why he got a B.  And, um, both Constantine and Melinda performed better renditions in their seasons.  I'm just sayin'.  Randy thinks it was a little bit pitchy and didn't all quite come together for him.  Kara appreciates the runs Matt put in, but she didn't feel he was emotionally connected to it.  Paula basically disagrees.  Simon felt it was the only believable, authentic song he's heard tonight and that it was absolutely brilliant.  Woah. Is he listening to the same thing I am?  Why don't you get out of Paula's drugs already and ask Matt if he thinks he can win?  Sheesh.

Danny Gokey (sings "Come Rain Or Come Shine"): Jamie gets in Danny's face during rehearsal, which makes Danny relax somehow.  How bizarre.  Danny doesn't really know what to do with his hands yet, but his gravelly voice works on this, so I just close my eyes and listen to it.  I'm not a Danny fan in general - he still sounds like the worship leader he is - but he really hit it on the nail tonight.  Color me shocked.  Randy says Danny is the only one he's heard tonight who could have an album like that and win.  Kara tells him he has swag tonight and says it was the most creative he's ever been with a melody.  Paula says he was stellar.  Simon believes that Danny proved a point with the best vocals he's had in weeks, and he calls the performance outstanding.

Adam Lambert (sings "Feeling Good"): Jamie says that Adam's going to knock everyone's head off.  It's the Muse version, which should please Twilight fans.  And now I must be objective...must be objective...must be... He's strutting down the stairs...he's smoking up the stage...he holds one note for something like ten minutes...and...and...

POOF!!!  I spontaneously combust.

Mike just threw some water on me.  Whew.  I'm back now.  Um...Randy says the performance was a little too theatrical for him, but Adam was in the zone.  Kara says her mouth drops open every time she sees him.  Paula compares him to Michael Phelps.  Simon gets the feeling that Adam wants to win and says that criticizing Adam for being theatrical is like criticizing a cow for saying "moo."  He also claims that it's the best entrance they've had that year, and Ryan shouldn't ever walk down those stairs again.  Heh.

My ranking:

1. Adam Lambert - Oh, come on.  You didn't think I'd rank him anywhere else, did you?
2. Allison Iraheta - Her best of the season.  I really hope she doesn't leave yet.
3. Danny Gokey - Probably his best, too.  Just not as touching as Allison's for me.
4. Kris Allen - Sweet but safe.
5. Matt Giraud - Safe but dull.  Based on his performance from this week alone, he should go home.

Bottom 2 (announced on April 29 results show):  Matt Giraud, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert

Eliminated:  Matt Giraud


Review 2009 by Patricia Lowhorn.  For comments, e-mail tricia@lowhorn.org.


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