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In 2005, I began writing snarky American Idol reviews for Mike's co-workers and a few friends.  It was suggested that I collect these reviews and place them on our web site for posterity.  I thought that was a pretty good idea, so I decided to start posting them online.  So, because you asked for it, here they are...and then some.  [Note that I do not include recaps of any American Idol episodes that take place before the actual voting starts (i.e., auditions or "Hollywood week"), nor have I recapped the results shows except for the season finales.  I am also not posting reviews for any Season 9 episode except April 13th's, because, well, the contestants pretty much stink.]

All reviews are copyright 2005-2009 by Patricia Lowhorn.  For comments, e-mail me.

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Rock Star: Supernova | Rock Star: INXS

American Idol Season 9 (2010)

      April 13: Elvis Presley songs (w/guest mentor Adam Lambert)

American Idol Season 8 (2009)

February 17 (Semi-Finals: Group 1) April 7: The Year You Were Born
February 25 (Semi-Finals: Group 2) April 14: Movie songs
March 3 (Semi-Finals: Group 3) April 21: Disco
March 5 (Semi-Finals: Wild Card Round) April 28: Rat Pack songs
March 10: Michael Jackson songs May 5: Rock songs
March 17: Grand Ole Opry May 12: The Judges' Choice, Their Choice
March 25: Motown May 19: Final Two
March 31: Top downloads May 20: Season Finale

American Idol Season 7 (2008)

February 19 (Semi-Finals: Men) April 1: Dolly Parton songs
February 20 (Semi-Finals: Women) April 8: Inspirational songs
February 26 (Semi-Finals: Men) April 15: Mariah Carey songs
February 27 (Semi-Finals: Women) April 22: Andrew Lloyd Webber songs
March 4 (Semi-Finals: Men) April 29: Neil Diamond songs
March 5 (Semi-Finals: Women) May 6: Songs That Influenced Rock & Roll
March 11: Lennon/McCartney songs May 13: The Judge's Choice, Their Choice, The Producers' Choice
March 18: Beatles songs May 20: Final Two
March 25: The Year You Were Born May 21: Season Finale

American Idol Season 6 (2007)

February 20 (Semi-Finals: Men) April 3: American standards
February 21 (Semi-Finals: Women) April 10: Latin songs
February 27 (Semi-Finals: Men) April 17: Country songs
February 28 (Semi-Finals: Women) April 24: "Songs That Inspire"
March 6 (Semi-Finals: Men) May 1: Bon Jovi songs
March 7 (Semi-Finals: Women) May 8: Barry Gibb songs
March 13: Diana Ross songs May 15: The Judge's Choice, The Producers' Choice, Their Choice
March 20: British Invasion songs No reviews posted for the Final 2 or the Season Finale.
March 27: Gwen Stefani's song inspirations  

American Idol Season 5 (2006)

February 21 (Semi-Finals: Women) April 4: Country songs
February 22 (Semi-Finals: Men) April 11: Queen songs
February 28 (Semi-Finals: Women) April 18: "Great American Songbook" standards
March 1 (Semi-Finals: Men) April 25: Classic love songs
March 7 (Semi-Finals: Women) May 2: The Year You Were Born + Current Billboard Hits
March 8 (Semi-Finals: Men) May 9: Elvis Presley songs
March 14: Stevie Wonder songs May 16: Clive's Choice, The Judge's Choice, Their Choice
March 21: 1950s songs May 23: Final Two Contestants
March 28: Songs of the 21st century May 24: Season Finale

American Idol Season 4 (2005)

February 21 (Semi-Finals: Men) April 12: The Year You Were Born
February 22 (Semi-Finals: Women) April 19: Dance Music of the 1970s
February 28 (Semi-Finals: Men) April 26: 2000 to Today
March 1 (Semi-Finals: Women) May 3: Current Top 40 + Leiber & Stoller
March 7 (Semi-Finals: Men) May 10: Gamble & Huff + Nashville
March 8 (Semi-Finals: Women) May 17: Clive's Choice, Their Choice, The Judge's Choice
March 15: The 1960s May 24: Last Two Standing
March 22: Billboard #1 Songs May 25: The Finale
March 29: The 1990s 2005 Concert Review: July 27, MCI Center
April 5: Musicals  

Rock Star: Supernova (2006)

July 3-6: Shout, shout, shoutin' at heaven's door August 14-16: Their hearts keep going boom, boom, boom
July 10-12: Girl, you really got them going August 21-23: Here we are now - entertain us!
July 17-19: Do you don't you want me to love you? August 28-30: Bring her to life
July 24-26: Just like a young girl should(n't) September 4-6: Oh oh oh oh oh oh!

July 31-August 2: Won't you (forget about her)?

September 11-13: Supersnore, the Finale
August 7-9: He's a creep, he's a weirdo  

Rock Star: INXS (2005)

July 11: IMBC August 14-17: Oo, baby I love your way
July 12-13: Should he stay or should he go? August 21-24: Welcome to Camp INXS
July 18-20: Don't you know what you're doing? August 28-31: Stop! Go!
July 25-27: Everybody hurts September 4-7: It ain't pretty when the pretty leaves you

July 31-August 3: If he could only see...

September 11-14: Glory to you
August 7-10: It's all over now (for one, anyway) September 18-20: And the winner is...



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