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Rock Star: Supernova


July 17-19: Do you don't you want me to love you?


Monday, July 17:  After Chris's departure, Lukas says he would have chosen someone else to go, but of course won't say who.  (Gee, let me guess.)  Jill has the first of her bitchy moments at his "rude and inappropriate remark."  Dilana had bonded with Chris, so she now thinks that maybe she shouldn't be anyone's friend because it hurts too much when they leave.  Sniff, sniff.


This week, the rockers have a clinic with vocal coach Lis Lewis, who has coached the likes of Gwen Stefani, the All American Rejects, members of Linkin Park, the Pussycat Dolls, and...Jack Black.  Um...okay.  She's actually pretty good in both the comments she gives and the way she delivers those comments - she's honest and tells it like it is, but she does so in a way that sounds helpful and not humiliating.  I would have loved to have her as a voice teacher.  Of course, some people (*cough* Lukas *cough*) will get defensive no matter what, and after being told that he is singing too much in his throat and that he risks damaging his vocal chords, Lukas later tells us that "I have many sides to my voice, I just don't feel like revealing them right now."  Ri-i-i-ight.  How about revealing them during your audition for the band?


At the song selection, the rockers are left a note stating that one member of Supernova will be playing on one of the songs, so they need to pick carefully.  The selection then turns into a cat fight, as Josh immediately grabs "Come As You Are" and won't negotiate for it, which leads to other people grabbing songs without discussion.  Or so we're led to believe, anyway.  People start whining about this state of affairs as if they're all supposed to be helping each other win this thing.  News flash:  It's a competition, folks.  Negotiate, yes, but you should at least be fighting for what you believe will be the best song for you.  Lukas stays out of this entirely, bizarrely thinking that song selection doesn't matter, and ends up stuck with the Rolling Stones' "Let's Spend the Night Together."  The only song Patrice wants is "Helter Skelter," and Jill has Bitchy Moment Number Two when she objects because that's one of four songs that she's interested in.  Then she goes on and on about it afterwards, exasperating all the other women.  Take a Midol, already.


In addition to the above songs, the selection includes: "It's My Life," "All Right Now," "Zombie," "White Rabbit" (Phil has this), "Runaway Train," "Fortunate Son," "Plush," "Drive," and "Everybody Hurts" (Zayra has this, which somehow seems appropriate, since I imagine everyone in the audience will be hurting after her performance).  This leaves one missing song, and I'm not sure if those are even the right titles or if, say, "Zombie" refers to a group.  I took most of the titles from the notes that Toby was keeping.  The one advantage to the video being on MSN is that I can pause it to read stuff like that.


At rehearsal, Patrice sounds really good on "Helter Skelter."  Zayra wants a more orchestral arrangement of "Everybody Hurts" and is reminded by one of the guitarists that the house band is not an orchestra.  Cue banjo DOING here.  Lukas sings "Let's Spend the Night Together" well enough, then decides he wants to change the arrangement to some dark thing that house band leader Paul thinks is a mistake - especially since Gilby Clarke is a huge Rolling Stones fan.  Uh-oh.  You know there are problems when even the bass player is rolling his eyes in disgust.  But from what little I heard, it sounded okay.  So I guess we'll see if Lukas can pull it off...and if Jill's head doesn't explode from everyone being so "rude."  Although, really, her head exploding might be interesting to see.



Tuesday, July 18:  

The short version:  Dilana is the only one worth watching, and she performs last.  Jason plays bass on Phil's song.  And Tommy is drunk and horny.


The long version:  Brooke is wearing enough chains and necklaces tonight to open her own jewelry store.  After introducing the contestants, she introduces Supernova by saying, "Here are the rock legends they're all sucking up to."  As far as Brooke-isms go, it's her Best.  Line.  Ever.


Patrice Pike (sings the Beatles' "Helter Skelter"):  Vocals are fine, but she doesn't move a lot, and she smiles so much for the camera she could be in a Crest Whitestrips ad.  Tommy says she sounded killer, Dave felt the performance was a little on the cute side, and Jason thinks she has good energy.


Brooke finally acknowledges the house band.  It's about frickin' time.


Josh Logan (sings Nirvana's "Come As You Are"):  He tries to be a chameleon and eliminate his "soulful" voice to sing this with a harder edge.  All he does is prove he's out of his element.  Dave reminds him that Supernova isn't going to be playing at coffeehouses, and Gilby says that he's not seeing what the band needs yet.  So much for "needing" this song.


Storm Large (sings the Cars' "Just What I Needed"):  It's not a song that particularly highlights her vocals, and she's a bit overwhelmed by the band.  Again.  And, uh, what is she trying to do with the microphone stand?  Dave thinks she's much better than last week, and Jason praises her professionalism.  All Tommy can think to say is, "I want to see more of you," and he's not talking about her performances.  Storm's response:  "Six letters.  Google."  Heh.


Lukas Rossi (sings the Rolling Stones" "Let's Spend the Night Together"):  He's certainly got Mick Jagger's swagger.  Too bad you can't understand a word he's singing.  And that hard rock arrangement sucks.  But that doesn't matter to our judges.  Dave thinks Lukas's arrogance is "awesome," Tommy thinks he's raising the bar, and Gilby declares that that arrangement is exactly how Supernova would perform that song.  Which certainly killed any chance of me buying their album.


Jill Gioia (sings Free's "All Right Now"):  It's fine, except she's gone back to mildly screaming Jill instead of the decent singer who proved herself in last week's elimination show.  Dave, however, thinks she's much better.  Gilby believes there were a couple of moments of oversinging, but he could imagine Supernova playing behind her.  Tommy says helpfully, "I am definitely all right now."


Ryan Star (sings Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Fortunate Son"):  All screaming and shouting at the same level for the entire song, never smiling, not much movement.  Boring.  Tommy wants him to move more, and Gilby says it doesn't look like he's having much fun up there.  Whereupon Ryan pathetically smiles for the camera.  Zzzzzz.


Phil Ritchie (sings Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit"):  Jason interrupts Brooke's announcement of this song to say that he's going to play bass.  Whoopie!  The good thing about this is that it seems to energize Phil, and he gives a remarkably intense performance - especially after he and Jason collide on the stage.  Afterwards, Jason bounces back to the other Supernova members and jumps up and down and cries, "How'd I do?  How'd I do?" to the point where Dave has to remind him that it's about Phil right now.  Dave's glad to see Phil's intensity, Tommy says he keeps turning the knob higher, and Jason thinks the song had a "good vibe" for him.  Phil appropriately leaves the stage in a daze.


Dana Andrews (sings Bon Jovi's "It's My Life"):  She's got a nice voice and a cute face, but she'd be much better off as a pop singer.  I mean, this is the sort of performance you'd get if you had a Bon Jovi night on American Idol - oversinging to the point of losing your pitch.  Just...stop.  Tommy thinks she's hot, but he felt like he was watching a Celine Dion extravaganza (to which I responded, "Celine Dion would have stayed on pitch").  Gilby says, "I just don't see it."  Oh, well.


Toby Rand (sings Soul Asylum's "Runaway Train"):  Boring song, boring performance.  Dave is falling asleep in his chair.  Seriously.  Tommy tells Toby to scare him next time and have a "fall off the stage" performance.  Maybe he should have some of Tommy's alcohol first?


Magni (sings the Stone Temple Pilots' "Plush"):  He's got good vocals and good energy, but he really needs to lose the stupid shades.  Gilby has a great time watching him, while Tommy calls him "Magni-ficent."  Oh, ha, ha, ha, like we didn't see that coming.


Zayra Alvarez (sings R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts"):  Vocally, she's got a Björk thing going on, and it's not pretty.  Musically, the orchestral-like arrangement is interesting, but really not Supernova.  In fact, the whole thing is just a mess.  But she's also wearing this long, slinky dress that, when appropriately backlit, reveals enough to make the band lose their sense of reality.  Dave and Gilby, who both thought she should have been dumped last week, now think she's awesome, while Tommy just drools and says she was "very nice."  Whatever.


Jenny Galt (sings Incubus' "Drive"):  I like the song and the arrangement, but it's another case of a pop singer trying to be a rock singer, and she's just not that strong on the chorus.  So she elicits another shrug from me.  Dave tells her that her song choices are becoming safer.  Gilby says it's more like Lilith Fair than Ozzfest, and Supernova is going for the latter.  Really?


Dilana (sings the Cranberries' "Zombie"):  This woman blows all the other contestants out of the water.  She's self-confident without being hyper-arrogant, she brings energy into every note she sings, and she's fascinatingly scary.  I can't stop watching her.  Oh, and she's the only contestant this week who seemed to incorporate the vocal coach's advice into her performance - I know the key is higher than what she might have done otherwise.  Bravo.  Dave declares this the performance of the night, while Gilby tells her to enjoy her moment.  Tommy, of course, can only say, "I wanna."


My top two are Dilana and (a distant second) Phil.  My bottom two are Dana and Ryan/Toby - the guys tied because they were equally boring.  Preliminary voting showed that Dana, Ryan, and Jenny were in the bottom three, which is no big surprise.


IMO, Dilana ought to get the encore.  In fact, she ought to just get the gig right now.  But I suspect that while she's the best singer there, Supernova will end up choosing a guy because they won't want to be overshadowed by her.  I further suspect that they already know who they're going to choose, and they're treating the rest of the season as a joke...which is going to make for one long summer.





Wednesday, July 19Tonight Brooke is wearing a kilt and a tight black T-shirt that reads "Make Music, Not War."  Oh, yes, we're so rebellious.  Which I suppose is why Tommy Lee is wearing a pink jacket.


The big "drama" tonight is Dana trying to figure out why she's more pop than rock.  Look in the mirror, honey.  At the mansion, she is horrified when she watches a video of her performance, and she asks for Dilana's advice.  Dilana tells her she needs to "open her legs" and "quit being beautiful."  Presumably, she means "open her legs" on stage.  Elsewhere in the mansion, Ryan says that Dana should be on a pop show and that he's embarrassed by her.  At tonight's show, Dana says that he could have at least told her that to her face.  Meow, meow.  When Dave asks Dilana why she helped a competitor, Dilana says that she's a giving person who doesn't feel threatened by anyone, so she'll help someone if they ask.  Can this woman adopt me or something?


Magni gets the encore.  Umm...okay.  I guess they just don't want to give it to Dilana every week and make it too obvious that she's the frontrunner.  Supernova looks mostly bored during this performance, although they give the obligatory standing ovation afterwards.


Dana, Ryan, Jenny, Zayra, and Josh were all at the bottom three at some point in last night's voting, with Jenny, Dana, and Josh as the ultimate losers...er...bottom three.  No surprises there.


Jenny performs the Stone Temple Pilots' "Vaseline."  Vocally, it's her best performance, but she looks really uncomfortable when she tries to jump around the stage.  She's better just standing still, which does not bode well.


Dana performs Sass Jordan's "High Road Easy."  The vocals are fantastic (well, except for the horrid last note that went on forever), but the stage presence is still not very exciting, and I'm thinking, "Young Pat Benatar, not Supernova."


Josh performs Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" and finally shows us his rock side.  His stage meandering isn't any better than the two women's, though, and I kept shouting at the screen, "Open your mouth!  Open your eyes!"


In a perfect world, all three of these people would be gone.  But Jenny had the weakest vocals and had been going backwards in her performances the past couple of weeks instead of challenging herself, so she's out.  She rambles on and on about how this is the best slap in the face for her, how she's always played it too safe, etc., etc., boo hoo hoo.  Go home already.


We still have lots of dregs to get rid of.  Can we skip ahead about six weeks now?


Review © 2006 by Patricia Lowhorn.  For comments, e-mail tricia@lowhorn.org.


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